International Admission Bachelor,

Master(Two Graduate Schools: Animation Arts, and New Media Arts)



Founded in 2000, the Graduate School of Multimedia and Animation Arts became the first specialized graduate school in Taiwan to integrate multimedia, animation and the arts. In 2003, Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts was established with its graduate school in NTUA, also making it the first department of its kind. In 2011, the Graduate School of Multimedia and Animation Arts were further developed into two Graduate Schools, Animation Arts, and New Media Arts. The graduate schools encourages students to utilize creativity in their work production and to focus on marketing aspects of artworks to resolve the long-term talent shortage in domestic creativity and marketing fields.


Focus of the Graduate Schools

In response to rapid advances in computer and communication technology, our department integrates advanced computer communication technology into current arts education. This integration of technology and arts not only produces talent in visual design and related creative fields but also trains specialized professionals who can meet growing demand in the field.

Since 2001, our department has managed the Taipei chapter of the well-known Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques (ACM SIGGRAPH), and has held the Taipei Chapter International Conference for seven consecutive years. (the conference was renamed Taipei International Conference on Animation & New Media in 2010) This annual event provides local and international students and faculty with a platform for activities in the industrial and academic animation field.

The department also encourages industry-university cooperation with domestic and international major multimedia and animation companies, utilizing the practical experience of industries and the marketing information they have been able to gather. At the same time, the Graduate Schools engage in cooperative activities with foreign institutions to take advantage of the different creative environments of foreign countries.


Education in the Graduate Schools

Education in our department is all about the integration of technology and arts. Our curriculum combines theoretical discussion and practical affairs, and strongly encourages creativity in the production process and marketing aspects of creative works.
The Graduate Schools offers Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees.