Graduation Creative Film Subsidy (Application until 12/15)

Extraordinary and extraordinary~【Subsidies for Graduation Creation Videos】
The application for the 111 academic year graduation creative film subsidy has started, please participate enthusiastically!!!
●Application time: From December 1st to December 15th every year, submit the application form and creation plan (paper and electronic files) to the department office.
●Targets: Must be graduates of the 111 academic year's bachelor's and master's classes.
●Number of scholarships: 1 student (group) for the bachelor class, 1 student for the master class of animation art, and 1 student for the master class of new media art.
●Amount of subsidy: NT$50,000 per person.
For the content of the creative proposal and other relevant regulations, please refer to the implementation points of the department’s graduation creative film subsidy.
For relevant attachments, please download the link zip file by yourself^_^
After applying and submitting documents, please find Yi Ling as a teaching assistant~~

111 Graduation Creation Film Subsidy Application Relevant Documentation (click me to download)