2023 Warm Distribution Industry - LPG Creative Short Selection Activity

The theme of the competition is "Liquefied Petroleum Gas Retail Industry" (gas business) as the theme, with positive, warm, safe, warm, interesting, inspiring and other aspects to explain the people, affairs or stories of this industry. The form is not limited to Dramas or documentaries, etc., hope that consumers can arouse more resonance and recognition for the liquefied petroleum gas (barrel gas) industry through short videos.

Activity schedule

Competition call period: 112/07/18 (Tue) ~ 112/10/17 (Tue) before 12:00

Qualification review period: 112/10/18 (Wed) ~ 112/10/25 (Wed)

Deadline for modification of works: 112/10/18 (Wed) ~ 112/11/03 (Fri) before 12:00

During the initial review period: 112/11/06 (Monday) ~ 112/11/16 (Thursday)

Announcement of the shortlist: before 17:00 on 112/11/17 (Friday)

Judgment period: 112/11/20 (Monday) ~ 112/11/30 (Thursday)

Announcement of the winners: before 17:00 on 112/12/07 (Thursday)

Popular like period: 112/12/07 (Thu)~112/12/20 (Wed)

Announcement of the lucky draw by likes: before 17:00 on 112/12/21 (Thursday)

competition rewards

1. 1 Gold Award, with a bonus of NT$80,000.

2. One Silver Award, with a prize of NT$50,000.

3. One Bronze Award, with a bonus of NT$30,000.

4. 5 excellent works (social group) and 5 excellent works (campus group), each with a bonus of NT$10,000.

5. Those who participate in the voting can participate in the lucky draw. This shortlisted work will be popular and liked. Each person is limited to one vote. Those who like the participants can participate in the lucky draw and draw an Apple Watch SE (worth 7,900 yuan / 1 lucky winner) winner).

Competition registration and file download are as follows:

※How to download brochures


※Fill in the registration link


※Download the Consent Form for Precautions for Participation


※Download the Intellectual Property Rights Statement and Authorization Agreement


Please call Ms. Li at 02-2752-0731 or email lpg.taise.TW@gmail.com

Taiwan Liquefied Petroleum Gas Distribution Research and Development Foundation