Honorary alumni

Wu Peifen - 40th

Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Information Management, National Changhua Normal University
Deeds: Outstanding performance during his tenure in China TV Station. His personal works have won the "2002 Excellent Textbook Author Award" in the 90th Annual Electric Animation Category of the Executive Yuan Vocational Training Bureau, the 12th ROC Design Award and other awards. His works are well received domestically. outside for sure.

Chen Yunru - 41st Class

Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Creative Technology and Product Design, National Taipei University of Commerce
Deeds: In 2012, he was selected as the resident artist of the Ministry of Culture's Visual and Performing Arts Talents Overseas Residential Village and Exchange Program - Paris Xitier International Art Village.
In 2009, he won the Special Jury Prize of the 4th France Enghien-les-Bain International Digital Art Festival.

Lin Shiyong's 42nd session

Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Digital Media Design, Lingdong University of Science and Technology
Deeds: In 2013, the film "BBS Villagers' Justice" was nominated for the Osaka Film Festival in Japan
In 2012, he was shortlisted for Best New Director at the 49th Golden Horse Awards with the movie "BBS Villagers' Justice"

Xu Yizhen's 43rd session

Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Digital Technology Design, National Taipei University of Education
Deeds: Served as a reviewer for the 6th issue of the international journal International Journal of Digital Media Design "IJDMD International Journal of Digital Media Design"

Xie Qimin - 60th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Model

Current position: Associate Professor, Institute of Applied Arts, National Chiao Tung University
Deeds: Ministry of Education's 1993 Project to Cultivate Publicly Sponsored Study Abroad: 36 members of the Department's Review Committee were re-elected from among 140 students admitted by the Ministry of Education's 1993 Study Abroad Scholarship.
The creation and research project was one of the 20 candidates for the UNESCO 2006 Digital Art Award, and finally became one of the five Laureate Award winners of the 2006 Monaco Dance Forum.

Yang Dongyue - 60th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Model

Current position: Director of Dawan Creative Co., Ltd.
Deeds: The 2018 "Forest of Four Seasons" table game was selected as a souvenir for international foreign guests of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Work: "Picking the Stars" won the High-quality Digital Content Product Award from the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and participated in the character design of the online animation "A Gui".

Yang Renxian - 60th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Model

Current position: Director of Dongdonghu Multimedia Co., Ltd.
Works: 2014 "The Story of the Peach Frog", 2017 "The Flower Piece"

Zhan Jiahua - 60th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Model

Current job: Co-founder of Lehuhu Workshop, creator of new media art.
Deeds: The work "Body Composition-SOMA Mapping" won the first prize in the visual art category of the "7th French Angen Lake International Digital Art Festival" in 2012.

Lin Wangting - 60th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Model

Current position: R&D engineer of dynamic self-made laboratory, interactive new media lecturer of Yixi Creative Technology Co., Ltd., and new media art creator.
Deeds: The work "Building" won the gold medal in the new media art category of the "National Art Exhibition of the 103rd Year of the Republic of China"

Liao Chongzheng - 45th

Current position: Dean of the Department of Multimedia Design, Deming University of Finance and Economics
Deeds: Served as senior consultant of Google Chinese Lecturer Training Center
■In 2010, his work "Digital Tai Chi Manual" was collected by National Library of Taichung.
■In 2012, participated in the interface and animation design of the National Palace Museum "Interactive multimedia production project on the evolution of surnames and the origin of surnames"

Wang Weixiu - 46th class

Current job: Head of Bigcat Studio
Deeds: In 2022, Big Cat Studio won the "Animation Program Award" at the 57th TV Golden Bell Awards for its work "Brave Animation Series"
The work "The Astronaut at 7:30" was selected for the American ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Film Festival.

Deng Wenxin - 47th

Current position: Creative director of Ranlai Digital Creative Co., Ltd., creator of new media art
Deeds: 2018 "Raw Art Space", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, artist-in-residence
In 2018, the video work "Blue Tears" was invited to Moscow Modern and Future Video Art Exhibition

Huang Shiming - 48th class

Current position: Director of Kikubox Animation Co., Ltd.
Deeds: From 2015 to 2017, served as the executive director and animation director of the animated feature film "On the Road to Happiness", which won the 2018 Golden Horse Award for Best Animated Feature Film

Wang Boyu - 49th

Current position: Founder of Dangruo Technology Art Co., Ltd.
Deeds: Founded "Dangruo Technology Art" in 2012 and served as the executive director, and has more than 500 cooperative projects so far
2017 Taiwan Design BEST100 "Best Concept Exhibition Activity" category award

Gao Yijun - 50th

Current position: Director of Brain High Imaging Co., Ltd.
Deeds: In 2016, he stepped from the animation film and television industry to specialize in the research of virtual reality VR narrative. In 2018, won the subsidy from Kaohsiung Film and the National Arts Association to shoot the dynamic capture VR short film "Idols in Distress" from Taiwanese actors

Hu Jinxiang - 51st Class

Current position: Founder of Kurokawa Interactive Media Art Co., Ltd.
His works have won the Laguna International Art Award in Italy, the 404 Electronic Art Festival in Fukuoka, Japan, the Gold Award in the New Media Art category of the National Art Exhibition, and the Taipei Digital Art Award.